Monday, October 25, 2010

RMB "run" approximation 7.90

By the United States Senate, "Sugar Act" or the week before the vote, and 11 holiday market concentration impact of foreign exchange demand, the yuan is to "run" to accelerate the speed of the appreciation. Yesterday, the price of RMB 3 7.91 mark for the first time, and even record two high-Nisshin, 7 days since the central parity is the 6th new record high. Line of a Chinese-funded foreign exchange traders to the Shanghai Oriental Morning Post yesterday that the yuan is likely to break 7.90 today, a major psychological barrier. Analysts said the yuan will appreciate the next 12 months and then 3%.

Last week, the yuan central parity at an unprecedented high of a record four times, after the second week, starting from a succession of two Nisshin record high, and the 7.91 mark for the first time yesterday. The central bank released the same day to 7.9072 yuan central parity, rose more than 78 basis points the previous day. Thus, the exchange rate has appreciated the central parity after the change has exceeded 2.56%. Two weeks, the central parity has been broken four consecutive integers psychological barrier.

In the automatic matching trading system, the yuan closed at 7.9022 yesterday, rose more than 123 basis points the previous day; in RFQ trading market, the yuan closed at 7.9020 is the same on 2 consecutive record high. This is a breakthrough of RMB 7.91 for the first time in two cities mark. UBS said yesterday that if the yuan's appreciation in recent weeks as the caliber conversion rate of the year will rise 26%.

In fact, in accordance with the "basket" theory, since the eve of the dollar in international markets overall strength of major currencies, the yuan should be a corresponding decline in the trend. However, contrary to market expectations, but yesterday the yuan, "Adversity" has once again hit a new high, which makes the market more firmly the theme of "Sugar Act" effect of the appreciation of the reverie.

A trader said yesterday, the market is currently circulating U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson reached with China during his visit a "gentlemen's agreement" speculation that China will accelerate the appreciation of the renminbi exchange for the U.S. government to "Sugar Act" in the hunt.

Xinhua News Agency yesterday commented that the current upward momentum of the yuan can be "run" to describe. A dealer commented that the appreciation of RMB will continue to accelerate this week to fight for the "Sugar Act" to delay a vote, "It's like a time of the race."

"Two-way wave is mainly reflected in the appreciation of the end of the current", a line of foreign exchange traders in the capital yesterday to the Shanghai Oriental Morning Post said it expects the yuan may be a breakthrough in today's 7.90 mark. However, the person said, despite the yuan a correction is inevitable, "but look at the current popular trend, the callback period may take some time before."

But UBS noted that since entering the Senate in the midterm Congressional elections this weekend's recess, "Sugar Act" seems unlikely to enter the voting procedure, "in such a fast appreciation, the renminbi is likely to remain fixed or even long-term reversed. " A trader pointed out that if the callback in today, come as no surprise.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Analysis of Taobao in 2008 to adjust the causes and effects of B2C strategy

Such a long time, Taobao's B2C strategy for a major adjustment was finally introduced in the 2008 Spring Festival, which should be to be happy about, but the results made me come out of adjustment conceal his disappointment.

Why Taobao B2C strategy there will be an adjustment? After adjustment for us, what brings buyers and sellers? Taobao B2C future prospects? I think this is of great concern to us all, now three issues to talk about my views.

Three reasons why the policy change Taobao B2C

1, high-level adjustment will inevitably bring about the adjustment of the overall marketing strategy;

By the end of December 2007, Taobao, Alibaba Group, officially announced, senior vice president, Paypal will transfer Taobao president Lu Zhaoxi president and current president of Sun Tongyu Taobao will learn from the cadres, holiday programs, resigned from the current position, enter the study and repair of . Sun Tongyu during employment, Taobao's transaction volume and number of users have been quick to upgrade, but the growth of B2C business is obviously not keep up with trends, warming up with China's B2C e-commerce, Taobao B2C strategy adjustment is inevitable.

2,07 Taobao B2C in the slow development, internal and external causes two knives to promote top of lumbar Taobao B2C in 2008 to seek change;

Back to top of the first knife: Taobao B2C scale of development did not reach expectations, internal pressure. In 2007, the Taobao continued strong growth trend, trading platform increased from from 16.9 billion yuan / year soared to 43.3 billion yuan / year, while

The number of registered users increased 53 million from 30 million. However in 2007 the slow development Taobao B2C and C2C serious imbalance in the ratio of increase. Ma B2C e-commerce business empire is an important part, but in 2007 in Taobao B2C in a relatively awkward position, internal pressure, the plan must change.

Back to top of the second knife, in 2007 the rapid development of China's B2C, B2C plump piece of cake for many businesses eyeing. Alibaba is the leader in e-commerce, however, is Ma B2C e-commerce empire, the most flimsy of a pillar. Expected in 2008 China's B2C e-commerce development will further speed, high-growth market for many companies and opportunities, how to grab a larger market 08 share, is most concerned about Alibaba, if not high-speed growth in China's B2C of spent enough market share, then e-commerce business empire Ma serious weak link. Taobao B2C strategy, therefore adjusted also be ruled out.

3 Taobao adjust the pressure within the business structure

Financial Times "Taobao B2C evolution:" International Trade "model how to get? "Mentioned in the article, Taobao C2C is a flea market in fact, true, but, that is, the" flea "market for Chinese Internet users has formed the habit of online shopping. Can be said Taobao B2C e-commerce development in China's training base, Taobao's transaction greatly promoted China's C2C online shopping transaction size, has cultivated a B2C e-commerce development to be of the first online shopping crowd. However, B2C and C2C completely different concept, the B2C and C2C business on the same platform would have a lot of problems, but also violated the fundamental rules of business so many years. Therefore, restructuring, or even completely stripped out of B2C business, building a new platform to operate Taobao B2C, is not impossible.

After adjustment for us, what brings buyers and sellers?

Alipay and sellers Taobao credit system is the two important factors for success. Similar to the certification system is also a member of Alibaba Ali brilliant achievements to be due. B2C Taobao Taobao C2C is the seller in addition to the introduction of more credit certification conditions, therefore, in terms of buyers, sellers Taobao B2C mall integrity should be higher.

High integrity allows buyers to buy the rest assured that better protect the interests of buyers. The seller must increase input costs, it is also time to get a platform to promote additional assistance, increased sales opportunities, sales costs and product prices have definitely upgrade.

This is the 2007 implementation of an Taobao B2C situation. From 2008 to adjust the strategic point of view Taobao, there are three salient points: first, Taobao B2C seller's access threshold increased; second Taobao B2C brand will be divided based on a single brand lock sellers ; third, to enhance the positioning Taobao B2C, C2C draw clear expectations and boundaries.

First not from the overall strategy is correct, the three points from the strategy view, either the buyer or seller can not do anything new strategy of tangible benefits.

From the buyers perspective, affordable, convenient, secure online shopping to achieve the purpose of B2C and C2C e-commerce is a fundamental value of expression. If the new emergence of Taobao B2C mall shopping for the cost of upgrading to the buyer, and that might make part of the buyer or any other B2C C2C mall to buy merchandise. Although the new B2C Taobao more effectively screen out the brand strength of more formal business, but prices and sincere service to make a decision in time, the market may make buyers choose, or choose low-cost alternative shopping channels. In addition, a point to mention is that, if the seller Taobao B2C locked into a single brand seller, who then in the end it appears in this platform? Brand distributor? Brands?

Considerable size of a single brand Taobao big seller? We consider the fact, that the conditions for a single card brand management are established to meet the conditions of access Taobao B2C mall's also willing to enter, few sellers.

From the seller perspective, operating costs are often directly linked to the price and product, but product prices and sales volume and profit has linked Taobao B2C increase barriers to entry allow many vendors to consider another path.

On the other hand, from the success of e-business models in the world seems to be a single brand management and most successful brands, and I said, success is integrated in the success of the brand + marketing, not just the sales platform . Seller

Map is profit, single brand management style is considerable. Suppose, if the achievements Taobao B2C businesses after a certain size, how to handle the brand of traditional channels of distribution channels and networks is the relationship between the manufacturers, distributors, agents can not tell between the endless number of complex relationships the.

Taobao B2C future prospects?

2007 Guangzhou Expo in commercial software when ProBIZ sfotware ( consulting analyst pointed out: With the constant expansion of online shopping, e-commerce entity + network marketing model will become the mainstream. That is in addition to many of our growth and fledgling C2C sellers, the number of traditional companies will cut into the B2C e-commerce, and through its own funds the rapid rise of scale advantages. Therefore, Taobao is much room for future development of B2C.

The future model Taobao B2C will happen? I expect that, stripping out the establishment of a dedicated business B2C trading platform is more suitable for B2C business model aggregation platform. The platform is a brand division of business or to sell the product key to type into the platform business is willing to type. In addition, the effect of traffic aggregation Taobao B2C platform is the core of the service and traffic if the two issues to find the best answer, then Taobao B2C platform will be a good development. And more large and medium enterprises may attempt to establish autonomous B2C e-commerce sales platform, this force will be the mainstream of the future development of B2C. (Source: ProBIZ e-business solutions developer)

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shanghai is now sold only 20 yuan piracy Win 7

October 20, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft will officially release this week, 4 Windows 7, but piracy has already appeared in Shanghai street price of only 20 yuan (about 3.19 U.S. dollars).

Either Ultimate or Professional Edition, whether Chinese or English, everything is complete, price only 20 dollars, while Microsoft announced Windows 7 Ultimate retail price of 319.99 U.S. dollars.

IDC data show that last year China's software piracy rate was 80%. Gartner believes that the price is high cause the main reason for China's piracy rate. For only 400 yuan monthly living expenses for students to purchase a set of 2000 U.S. dollars of software is not realistic.

But with the Chinese government's attention and level of education of China's software piracy rate is a declining trend. Gartner expects China's software piracy rate in 2012 will drop to 50%.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Servlet 2.5 version of the termination response

First Department, has profound optimization of a small but as an example of the specification also pretty interesting. Servlet 2.4 specification to respond in these types of cases should be effective, including: in response setContentLength method content has been clearly stated, and the content has been written into the response. This is only your code like this can make to respond to re-orientation:

鈼?response.setHeader ("Host", "localhost");

鈼?response.setHeader ("Pragma", "no-cache");

鈼?response.setHeader ("Content-Length", "0");

鈼?response.setHeader ("Location", ");

Servlet technology ignore the title of the first specific area, because the content to meet the 0 byte length of the response will be effective immediately. But before it, had to respond to failure of the! Servlet containers are usually refused to implement such behavior, and Servlet 2.5 version added "length must be greater than 0" principle.

Code examples:

Servlet 2.4 specification to be called request.getReader () method called before request.setCharacterEncoding () method. But if you ignore this principle in its wake to the call request.setCharacterEncoding () method, then what would be the consequences, this specification does not say where. The sake of simplicity, to eliminate this situation now!

Cross-context sessions (between sessions in different contexts directory):

Recently, a session on Cross-context rules have been clearly addressed. When Servlets assigned from one context to another context of the request, this rule played a role?? Call in the objective process, including what the session. This version makes the emergence of a context where the portlets directory's home page can be several commands within the context of the other directories in the portlets work.

Servlet 2.5 version it clear that the resources of a context directory can access other contexts directory session (session), regardless of where the request started. This means that portlets can scope out the home page to run in their own areas, and this standard will be applied to incompatible Serlvet container. Look:

Since Servlet 2.5 version to keep some of the old nature, the concept had several major postponed to the next stage. They include:

鈼?new input / output (NIO) support: to make access more conducive to Servlets for NIO client communications.

鈼?filter wrap-under, or wrap-over semantics: sometimes filters packing requests, and / or response object to modify the act or method of opening of the new method. When to this package and the server requests and responses on the package when combined together, how they should be packaged together?

鈼?Servlets for popular documents: the index should serve as welcome as a function of the file? Prior to this, the answer is yes. But the specification did not specify how to use this function, especially in the absence of the index case.

鈼?for popular file distribution rules: how to distribute welcome file, it does not fully explain the details, but left some open gaps to deal with incompatibilities.

鈼?Select the default page after login: If users access their bookmarks Servlet landing page, then after a successful landing page should be turned to where? This problem has not been made clear.

鈼?user's theme log: the right to register through the website after the landing not through traditional means there is no way to trust the user to Servlet.


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Friday, July 30, 2010

Quick Start Guide for new computer Trojan Avira Daquan

Often in the river walk, how can we avoid wet feet? So sometimes the Internet a long time, it is likely to be attacked by a Trojan in the computer kind. How to know the computer has not been installed on your system then?

First, manual methods

1, check the network connectivity

As the number of Trojans will take the initiative to the listening port, or will connect a specific IP and port, so we can connect to the network without the normal case, the situation with the situation by examining the network to discover the existence of Trojan horses. Specific steps is to click "Start" -> "Run" -> "cmd", then enter the command netstat-an to see all, and to connect their computers and their computer IP listening port, which contains four parts - proto (connection), local address (local connection address), foreign address (the address of local connection), state (current port status). For more information through this order, we can completely control the computer's network connections.

2, view the currently running services

Service is a lot of Trojans in the system used to maintain its always to be running one of the methods. We can click on the "Start" -> "Run" -> "cmd", then enter "net start" to see what kind of services the system is turned on, if we find the open service is not their own, we can enter " Services "management tool" Services ", find the appropriate service, stop and disable it.

3, check the system startup items

Because the registry is more complicated for the average user, Trojan horses often prefer to hide here. Check the registry startup entry is as follows: Click "Start" -> "Run" -> "regedit", then check HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersion of all to "run" at the beginning of the key; HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersion of all to "run" at the beginning of the key value; HKEY-USERS.DefaultSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersion of all to "run" at the beginning of the key.

System.ini Windows installation directory is hidden places like Trojans. Open this file to see if, in the file [boot] field, is not a shell = Explorer.exe file.exe such content, if any such content, it is the Trojans here file.exe it!

4, check the system account

Hi malicious attacker left an account on the computer way to control your computer. They used a system is to activate the default account, but rarely use the account and then upgrade the account administrator access permissions, the account will be the system's biggest security risk. Malicious attacker can arbitrarily control the account on your computer. In view of this situation, you can use these methods account for testing.

Click the "Start" -> "Run" -> "cmd", then enter the command line net user, see what the computer user, and then use "net user username" see what the user permissions are , General Administrator is the administrators group in addition to the other should not belong to administrators group, if you find a system built-in user belongs to administrators group, it is almost certain that you have been invaded. Quick to use "net user username / del" to delete the user it!

If you check out the existence of a Trojan can be killed by subsequent steps Trojan work.

1, run Task Manager, kill the Trojan process.

2, check the registry RUN, RUNSERVEICE and other items, the first backup, you can start the key note address, then delete the suspicious.

3, delete the key suspect in the implementation of the file on your hard drive.

4, the general of this document are in WINNT, SYSTEM, SYSTEM32 folder such, they generally will not exist, is likely to have a master copy files over, and check the C, D, E 绛?Pan no suspicious circumstances under of. exe,. com or. bat file, there are deleted.

5, check the registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_CURRENT_USERSOFTWAREMicrosoftInternet ExplorerMain in several (eg, Local Page), if modified, can be changed back.

6, check HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTtxtfileshellopencommand and HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTtxtfileshell

opencommand several common file types, etc. The default open procedures were changed. This must be changed back. Many viruses is by modifying the. Txt files by default program for the virus in the user opens a text file loaded.

Second, use of tools

Avira Trojan tools are LockDown, The Clean, Trojan nemesis, Kingsoft Trojan specifically kill, trojan remove master, Trojans and other analysts, some of which tools, if you want to use all the features necessary to pay certain costs, Trojan analysts is license free use.


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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Who made the prosperity of reduced memory Zhongguancun

Each of 20 shops, have a close leave. This is the Zhongguancun electronics store - the nation's largest consumer electronics distribution center, now presented in a recession: Flow reduction, volume reduction, people go counter space.

Storms, the computer and other IT products at one time a year earlier profit fell 4 percentage points, and even the world's semiconductor giants China Taiwan UMC and SMIC is also a huge loss.

According to the survey, China had Qicheng people affected by the financial crisis, coupled with the stock plunged, housing prices decline, high unemployment rate increase, many consumers began to Wujin purse for the winter, as a non-necessities of life electronic products, its sales of natural not optimistic.

Upstream squeeze corporate profits, lower consumer purchasing power continues to decline, on concern lower risk of time, become overwhelming external economic market businesses in Zhongguancun electronics stores the last straw.

On the surface, this collapse of the financial crisis is behind a wave of "murderer", but in my opinion, quietly issued force competitors and that have long business management is the real "Gravedigger."

First, the internal troubles die-hard. For a long time, the price of Zhongguancun store is confusion and lack of integrity is obvious. The industry has eulogized the "buy a computer, to Zhongguancun," long superficial, and now, "Zaike, fake, Kengmengguaipian" Zhongguancun has become synonymous with electronic stores.

In addition, since 2006, Zhongguancun store's rent is almost 15% annual growth rate. Fleece, businesses can not Yingkang rent can only be passed on to consumers.

Therefore, "to deceive one is one, can kill a pair of a pair of" Zhongguancun business have become common psychological. Knowing that fraud makes credit loss, but to a pressing need, they have time to take into account the long-term interests. Means of changing the sales and marketing channels emerging today, Zhongguancun electronic stores starting to prove twilight.

Second, the opponents force. At present, Gome, Dazhong and Suning Appliance and so on from the traditional stores, into a collection of household appliances, computers, mobile phones and other 3C products, a comprehensive shopping mall. And the Zhongguancun model similar to that of Beijing Buynow also open the store, but online shopping has gradually come into fashion. These new sales model for streaming into their rival businesses in Zhongguancun. Large, if not formal B2C website, dispersed remnant-like network of dealers have also launched the Zhongguancun IT store price shocks.

Rome was not built in a day cold. Disorder, falling profits, living hard, these objective reasons, a considerable number of businesses are making false prices, cheating customers; Honesty is word of mouth brought deterioration, traffic reduction, collapse is inevitable. Can be said that the financial turmoil is a failure of Zhongguancun electronics store incentives, the key is the core competitiveness gradually disappear.

Store in response to the decline in the experience of nearly 10 years of rapid development, the Zhongguancun area of Computer City, the rent reduction for the first time, several supermarkets have started to release the product sales price. But this is only a "stop-gap" in the occasional move to improve the business category and business management, upgrade distributors and service quality and brand to resolve the crisis is the root of the problem.

This will need to include the Consumers Association, including multi-store and consumer efforts.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fun for your dealer

How to properly handle the relationship between manufacturers and distributors, manufacturers have been test marketing a new topic: To ensure the interests of manufacturers, too much interference on the dealer, dealer may walk out; If the dealer complete decentralization, and very easily by its restraint, loss of control of sale terminals. Smart companies should learn the following Fun distributor strategy to reach a mutually beneficial co-prosperity between the two relationships.

Do not spoil the dealer

A dealer doing pretty good from time to time to make this or that manufacturer's requirements, so that marketers often complain not chatter. Agreed to it, go back and do not know the boss's idea, not allow sales to decline in bonuses to bathing. Moreover, distributors for whatever things we are willing to go for the dealer to do, sometimes effort is not out to please.

Manufacturers and marketers want to give a word of advice: "customer is always right, but not every customer is required to do so for." This is to protect the interests of enterprises and maintain good customer relations and effective measure. Especially in the business before you and the customer reach, you should keep your hands permissions. You can solve some problems for customers, should not be too readily, or he will think that everything is justified. Let customers know that some of his demands is that you only realize after strenuous efforts, so customers would have the attitude of gratitude, that you not only brought him the opportunity to make money, you still continue to help him make money.

Manufacturers and dealers are in a boat, to coexist and Prosperity, will ultimately straighten and straighten out relations, policy formulation and dealer regulations, is to straighten out the relationship between the premise that this will achieve "first words after the indisputable" level. Of course, policy development, we must fully consider the other interests and spiritual motivation, and in the actual operation of the process to amend and improve, and gradually form a sound, scientific dealer policies to promote more long-term win-win. It should be remembered, do not spoil your dealer, the dealer has been spoiled all the time and you fell out, then big trouble.

First "villain" after the gentleman

Some marketers and customers because of good relations between the formation of a tacit understanding, or even most of the time verbal agreement, no written agreement on, causing a lot of unnecessary trouble.

"No rules no standards," under certain constraints, into the dealer policy is essential. Sales policy is to operate marketers an important basis for the organization, and this is the only way to sales success.

Our sales policy for the dealer, roughly the price policy and remittance policies, promotion policies, customer credit policies, in formulating policies according to the enterprise itself, combined with changes in the market to develop. Of course, the principles of policy development should have some flexibility, such as price, leave space, to ensure that the response to market changes. With the binding, the operation of all aspects of access, our company also placed them with healthy controls, under supervision, be possible to achieve better sales.

Do not blind to the dealer pressure

Always have a business idea, the dealer's sales tasks set too high, while the dealer wants the sale of businesses set to complete the task, the easier the better. In this confrontation, the company blind to the dealer pressure, results of non-performing dealers, and sell more and more interested in light, or the expense of business, because to re-develop a dealer and then not easy, but Moreover, there is a run-in period.

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